Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi to anyone who is visiting this blog looking for new posts. I'm not posting here at this point in time. But I am on Passionate Fiction, Silently Mine and RedBubble. I am finding there is just not enough time in my days.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Adelaide Beaches...

There is no way I could blog photos of Adelaide and leave out the beaches. They're squeaky clean ocean beaches, one after the other in the formation of the Great Australia Bite. For my very cold (temperature, not state of their hearts) blogging friends, these snaps will hopefully brighten, possibly even warm your day some.

The first three shots were taken just after the sun set as I followed the yacht, until I got lost in the sunset and the boat sailed on.

*Don't forget to click on the photos*

It never ceases to amaze me how many different shades of blue and green the sea can be all at the same time. The following photos were taken within a half hour time span and show a beautiful array of color changes in that short period of time.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Adelaide, South Australia...

A few days before New Year I spent time in South Australia. I took photos of the sea, the hills and the City of Adelaide, the Capitol of the state. I decided to show the photos of this city first. It is a beautiful city, full of old buildings and new, gracefully standing side by side.

Don't forget to click on the photos...the details in the architectural work are incredible.

Adelaide is a city of Spires and Turrets and I tried to capture as many of them as I could in my 1 hour allowance for photographing this city. Hard to say which is my favorite, maybe the cute little bee on top of his hive on the Beehive Building. This city is known as the City of Churches and I think it amply lives up to its name. Mind you not all of the spires and turrets belong to churches. A lot of public and Government buildings from the late 19th early 20th century have them too.

These last three photos are of the church my husband and I married in...a long time ago. Over the years I have tried to remember exchanging vows, all I can actually bring to mind is a very hazy memory of being in front of the altar and being in a dream like state, not really taking anything in. Just being amazed, perhaps awed that we were getting married

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moliagul, Victoria

Saturday just gone, hubby and I went on another day trip to Central Victoria. This time we went a little further on from Castlemaine. I wanted to capture the terrain where gold was and is still found. Unfortunately the sun wasn't shining and the colors are not as true to the Australian landscape as I has hoped to capture. The day was hot, humid, windless and sunless, but the photos tell their own story.

Funny how differently men and women see things. I saw so many possible photographs as we were driving and when I asked to stop, hubby's comment was "that looks a bit boring". But on instinct I got him to stop and some of those spur of the moment pics turned out quite well.

I had a great time and took so many different snaps of the landscape in this area. It's a diverse area and I hope the photos show that diversity.

The first five photos are of the historical goldfields around Moliagul, all those holes are diggings, many times scoured for alluvial gold. One of the biggest nuggets in the world, The Welcome Stranger, was found in this area. That nugget weighed 210lbs gross. My man is not squatting in that hole for no reason. He is trying to figure out if these over worked holes have any riches waiting to be found by one hopeful bloke...(Aussie idiom for a man)

The rocks below are Rose Quartz and when polished are the most beautiful shades of pink, the funny green stuff is Lichen growing on the side of a hole.

This group of photos made me wonder who lived here a 100 years or so ago. As I walked around the ruins, the solitude and distance from anywhere brought to mind the isolation people used to live in. No electricity, cars, phones, medical centres or computers. Not really any neighbors either.

These next photos were some of the spur of the moment, "Stop the car I want pics of this". They are absolutely the epitome of this country's sheep farming industry. Anywhere you find sheep pretty much looks like this. Two months ago it was all velvety green, as you can see we really are in drought.